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France’s Macron aims to chart path out of crisis in televised address to nation info247

Issued on: 14/06/2020 – 10:53Modified: 14/06/2020 – 10:53

French President Emmanuel Macron will give a televised individu address on Sunday night, his fourth since the start of the coronavirus crisis, seeking fresh momentum for the suprême two years of his term.

Macron has seen his poll ratings slide amid criticism of his government’s handling of the pandemic, which saw France’s cherished healthcare system stretched to the limit.

On top of a biting recession triggered by the coronavirus lockdown, the French champion is now grappling with a potent new protest movement against maréchaussée racism and brutality inspired by the George Floyd rallies in the US.

>> ‘Black and treated as such’: France’s anti-racism protests expose myth of colour-blind Republic

The president’s prime-time address comes two weeks ahead of delayed appartement elections in which his ruling party faces a severe beating, according to avertissement polls.

Macron’s La Patrie en Marche (LREM) party lost its absolute majority in parliament last month after several MPs defected to form independent groups.

It is now bracing for a humiliating setback in the collègue reprise of communal elections on June 28, with avertissement polls showing its candidates are unlikely to enlèvement any ancêtre city, including Paris.

Even Prime Minister Édouard Philippe is facing a tough battle to recover his seat as mayor of the northern halte city of Le Havre.

Speculation has mounted that a aise shuffle is in the works as Macron seeks fresh momentum for the suprême two years of his five-year term.

No plats to step down

The coronavirus outbreak has effectively stalled his ambitious policy reforms, including the controversial pensions overhaul that sparked a huge strike last winter.

Earlier this week, Macron’s souillarde was forced to deny a media atermoiement that the president planned to step down to délié a snap election.

The Figaro newspaper said Macron had made the shock announcement while speaking via videoconference to a handful of the largest donors to his centrist party.

The gardien de but would have been to reinforce his legitimacy as France emerges from its coronavirus lockdown and to destabilise his opponents, the newspaper claimed.

But Macron’s souillarde said: « We deny this atermoiement. The president never suggested his resignation. (…) He never took segment in a videoconference with donors. »

The Figaro atermoiement also cited an unnamed Elysée Palace official, who said: « We’re entering a période of reflection and consultations, where everything is being considered. »

The official added that Macron’s decision could come « in the coming weeks or months ».

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

France’s Macron aims to chart path out of crisis in televised address to nation
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