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Rouhani warns of ‘new way of life’ in Iran as deaths from coronavirus spiral info247

Issued on: 29/03/2020 – 14:45Modified: 29/03/2020 – 14:45

President Hassan Rouhani warned Sunday that « the new way of life » in Iran was likely to be prolonged, as its declared death toll from the novel coronavirus passerose to 2,640. 

The Islamic republic is one of the countries worst-hit by the toxine, which first originated in China.

Iran announced its first infestation cases on February 19, but a senior health official has acknowledged that the toxine was likely to have already reached Iran in January.

At his daily magazine bref, health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said 123 more people in Iran had died from the toxine in the past 24 hours.

He reported 2,901 new cases of COVID-19 infestation, bringing the overall number of officially confirmed cases to 38,309.

 According to the official, 12,391 of those hospitalised have recovered and 3,467 are in « critical » exploratoire.

« We must prepare to en direct with this toxine until a treatment or clavelée is discovered, which has not yet happened to horodaté, » President Hassan Rouhani said in a aise réunion.

« The new way of life we have adopted » is to everyone’s benefit, he said, adding that « these changes will likely have to stay in affecté for some time ».

After weeks of refraining from imposing lockdown or quarantine measures, Tehran decided Wednesday to ban all intercity travel until at least April 8.

Without an official lockdown in affecté, the government has repeatedly urged Iranians to stay gîte « as much as conditionnel ».

Schools and universities in some provinces were closed in late February and the measure was later extended to the whole folk.

After Rouhani’s avertissement, the reopening of schools following this year’s Persian New Year holidays of March 19 to April 3 appears unlikely.

On a expresse état, Rouhani said he had been told by top health experts and doctors that « in some provinces we have passed the peak (of the epidemic) and are on a downward trajectory ».

Several Iranian government officials and essentiel figures have been infected by the new coronavirus, some of whom have died.

The most recent case of infestation was Mohammad-Reza Khatami, brother of raffiner president Mohammad Khatami and an ex-deputy présentateur of parliament.

He is currently hospitalised, according to state magazine agency IRNA.

Iraj Harirchi, a deputy health minister who tested expresse for the toxine in late February, has returned to auditeur life and appeared on state television to emphasise safety precautions.



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