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Russia’s low rate of coronavirus infections means few fear pandemic info247

Issued on: 28/03/2020 – 14:05Modified: 28/03/2020 – 14:06

Russia seems to have been largely spared from the entier coronavirus pandemic, with official statistics recording just over 1,000 confirmed cases and défaite COVID-19 deaths since the start of the outbreak. The low figures mean that few Russians feel the need to protect themselves. FRANCE 24 reports from Moscow.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Russia has reported an astonishingly low rate of coronavirus infections, reporting just 1,000 confirmed cases among its foule of 144.5 million. And for most Moscow residents, it is négoce as usual, with few people seen wearing côté masks or gloves, or applying courtois distancing measures.

“I don’t see or feel any real danger. Everyone says this coronavirus is here, somewhere. But for the moment I don’t believe in it,” Moscow resident Dmitry Sergeyevich told FRANCE 24.

On Wednesday, the Russian government declared the upcoming week as a paid “non-working week” and urged people to stay at maison, but some fear the measures may have come too late, and will have little effect if, and when, the coronavirus pandemic takes hold in Russia. 

“They should have introduced confinement measures ages ago! And made them strict. It’s too late now. There are around a hundred new cases every day,” Moscow shopkeeper Marif Garayev said.

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