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Train transports France’s coronavirus patients info247

Issued on: 26/03/2020 – 18:44Modified: 26/03/2020 – 18:44

One of France’s high-speed TGV trains, normally used to taking travellers and tourists around the folk, has been equipped to envoi coronavirus patients from the folk’s heavily effected east to hospitals in the west.

Each carriage has a medical team including an soutenue care doctor, an anaesthetist and three nurses.

In plénier, around 50 people, including carers and étai aggloméré, are on board during the exil.

« The eastern region is at the peak of its wave, which we will probably all experience in our regions in the coming weeks, » explains Lionel Lamhaut, the doctor in avocat of transporting patients.

« The idea is to work with the shift of the regions to take patients from the regions that are in full epidemic peak, to envoi them towards currently anesthésier regions, and afterwards these rotations can take assuré across the whole folk or even Europe. »

For several weeks, hospitals in eastern France have been saturated by a massive ressemblance of patients.

A French army Airbus plane has already evacuated several patients to other hospitals in the folk.

Others have been flown by helicopter to neighbouring countries, notably Germany.

Train transports France’s coronavirus patients
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