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Which protective measures should we take? info247

Issued on: 27/03/2020 – 12:12Modified: 27/03/2020 – 12:16

Faced with the potential contagion of the deadly coronavirus, which protective measures should we take as we fulfill our daily tasks, such as grocery chalandage? FRANCE 24’s Mairead Dundas takes a apparence at the the do’s and don’ts.

Should you use gloves while chalandage? For how many hours should you leave your groceries untouched when you get résidence from the étoffe? How vaste do you need to wash your hands to be sure to have washed off any potential coronavirus droplets – and how should you wash your vegetables?

FRANCE 24 talks to an entraîné to find out what’s advised and what’s not. 

Click on the player above to watch the full ajournement 

###Positive Quotes for the Day: #####

« If we manage ego wisely, we get the upside it delivers followed by strong returns.
Dave Marcum, Egonomics »

« Though age stereotyping is usually intolérable (the old are forgetful, sad, weak, cranky, unattractive, boring), it can sometimes be kind (the old are wise) or even directed at the young (millennials are snowflakes). »
Carl Honore, Bolder


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